Goodwill SOLAC partners with local schools in an effort to teach students how to make a difference in their community and environment. As part of our Donate
Movement, Goodwill SOLAC enables schools to raise funds while exposing students to the power of recycling.


Hughes Middle School Donation Drive with Goodwill SOLAC.

Hughes Middle School Donation Drive with Goodwill SOLAC.

Hosting a donation drive is easy—Goodwill will provide a collection truck and support staff, all your school needs to do is promote it! Schools will receive $50 for each bin that is filled—that’s $1,000 for filling 20 bins or $2,000 for filling 40 bins!


Learn what donated goods we do and do not accept by clicking here.


To arrange a fundraising donation drive for your school, contact (562) 435-3411, ext. 268 or e-mail [email protected]. All schools must complete a confirmation agreement form to confirm a school fundraising donation drive.


To view a calendar of school fundraising donation drives for this school year, click here.



Host a Goodwill Fundraising Donation Drive At Your School